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Wedding Photography - 5 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid
This article is aimed at digital wedding photographers
Not everybody notices the difference between "so so" wedding photography and great wedding photography, but they will notice if you make one of these goofs.
Use this list a checklist that you go through in preparation for each wedding. Mistakes are listed from most serious to least serious.
1.) Letting your battery run out, and not having a spare.
If this happens that's it. The rest of the wedding is over for you. For that reason I would consider it the worst goof and to be avoided at all costs. Always have a spare battery and always charge all your batteries before each shoot.
2.) Missing the kiss
This is generally considered the most important shot at any wedding. You only get one chance to get the kiss and there usually won't be a lot of warning. There seems to be very little consistency in the wedding ceremonies I have been to, and the kiss seems to happen at a different time each wedding. Have your camera set correctly and stay alert. One problem I have had is that to catch the kiss I am forced to focus and frame the shot so fast that my image stabilization does not have time to kick in, and I have ended up with a slightly soft shot. For this reason around the time of the kiss I now tend to go for a slightly faster shutter speed.
3.) Forgetting to empty your memory card
The wedding is just getting started and you are shooting the before wedding portraits. Happily clicking away knowing you have a huge 16 GB memory card that holds hundreds of full resolution RAW images. Suddenly your camera freezes, you look down and see the card is full, how could this be! You forgot to delete the last wedding's photos from your card, and you now have important new photos on the card so you can't just format it. You sit there desperately trying to delete old photos from the card whiles six wedding guests watch you looking worried and confused.
4.) Showing up late
It doesn't matter how good your photography is, if you show up late it's going to make you look unprofessional. Allow plenty of extra travel time, and plan to be 20 minutes early. If you get lost easily consider buying a GPS, compared to the rest of your photography equipment this probably won't be a huge investment.
5.) Calling the Father of the Bride the Grandpa
This is more funny to look back on then when it is actually happening to you.