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By using natural light and environmental settings Christina creates beautiful photographs of couples, maternity, children, professionals, families, and much more. Christina Luthy Photography is one of the premier photographers in Honolulu, HI and works on location on the island of Oahu and neighboring islands. Also available to travel to destination weddings. Please visit Christina's portfolio including weddings, portraits and special events.
A little about Christina personally is that she is a true romantic who fell in love with photography at a very early age. She's a small town girl from Southern Illinois who married her High School Sweetheart. He joined the Navy and together they've spent over 17 years traveling from coast to coast and to various locations around the world. By far, Hawaii is her favorite destination to date. You have endless sunshine and beautiful beaches everywhere!
It is her greatest desire to serve her clients with all their photography needs while performing a job that has become her passion. She understands the importance of photographing every detail of your special event.
For me wedding photography is one of the most enjoyable and satisfying forms of photography, and also one of the most challenging.
Challenging because at every moment, for every photograph, there is so much room for artistic expression. There is not just a right or wrong way to take each photograph, there are many right ways, all of which can be magnificent.
At every wedding there is a mood, sensing that mood and capturing the essence of it in photographs is where wedding photography becomes art, and this I love, because I am at a heart an artist.
I find a great degree of alertness is required to perform my work. Candid moments come and pass very quickly and even with the best cameras and the fastest lenses incredible focus is necessary.
What I like most about wedding photography is that it inspires me to put so much into it. I put in 100% when I do a wedding shoot; and when I look back at my pictures and compare them to my competition I can see that my efforts show.